About Us

Established in 1983, Computer Arts, Inc. (CAI) originated with a focus on delivering a Government Accounting program to Idaho Counties. Over the years, our commitment has evolved, and today, we provide a comprehensive suite of software programs tailored for county offices. Our user-friendly, Windows-based systems boast highly automated features, promoting streamlined processes.


Developed through consistent user collaboration, these systems interface seamlessly to eliminate

redundancy across departments. CAI ensures access to the latest county government technology at an affordable price, coupled with 24-hour support and on-site service representatives statewide.

Expanding beyond county software, CAI is a leader in integrated solutions for the Public Safety sector. Sheriff’s Offices and City PDs rely on our cutting-edge technologies for uninterrupted 24/7 operations.

Complementing our software offerings, CAI extends its reach with IT services encompassing hardware/software sales, installation, network design, consulting, administration, configuration, and on-site support. We are your dedicated, One-Stop Technology Shop!


In 2021, CAI joined forces with Harris Local Government, forming a partnership committed to progress. As part of Harris Local Government, we contribute to building stronger, more connected communities. Our mission revolves around empowering forward-thinking government leaders and administrators, enhancing transparency, ease of access, and relationships between local governments and constituents. Rooted in the communities we serve, with a longstanding market presence, Harris Local Government is your trusted compass guiding communities towards progress.