ARTS allows Public Safety agencies to manage critical records easily and report offenses and arrests directly to state crime information centers and in turn the FBI. Information is input into ARTS through various day-to-day operations of case tracking, but the name file is the “hub” of the entire system.


Names are entered into the ARTS database only once. Emergency Service Personnel deal with people, individuals, businesses, etc, and as information is gathered regarding an incident, arrest, booking, accident or other Public Safety contact, the system automatically connects these records to the name file.


This relational method of connecting names to records allows the display of all records belonging to a name. Once a name has been added to the system, a click of a button brings up all records connected to that name. Users can zoom into these records with a click of the mouse.

ARTS visually flags active warrants, civil papers, and alerts 
  • Relational Database
  • Multi-Jurisdictional w/ Extensive Agency and officer level Permissions and Security
  • Administratively Controlled Secured Functions to Restrict Levels of User Access
  • FULLY integrated Case Management in Incident Report Writing Process
  • Incident "Lock" capability – cannot view the Incident and/or associated Narratives
  • Communication on a case is available at the touch of a button right from the Incident with built-in Case Comments
  • Crime Element Capture
  • Method of Operation and Method of Entry capture
  • NIBRS Crime Reporting Style
  • Centralized Name File - Quick Display of Involvements with Easy Detail Record Display
  • Associated Name Relationships (AKA, parent, sibling, spouse, enemy, moniker, etc)
  • Citations, Arrests, Warrants, Property, Vehicles, Incidents, Jail Bookings, School History, Field Contacts,
  • Internal/External Release Reports
  • Civil Papers To be served Flag
  • Mug Shot Thumbnail on name records.
  • Move Records Function
  • Auto-Check for Alias or Duplicate OLN/SSN to Ensure Records Attach to Legal Name
  • Active Warrant, Civil Paper, Probation/Parole, Sex Offender and Concealed Weapons, in Jail and Missing Person visual indicators
  • Name Caution Flag for Officer Safety Issues
  • Historical Address and Phone Capture
  • Property & Evidence Management
  • Electronic Imaging (Support Documentation i.e. pictures, audio, 9-1-1 clips, any windows media format)
  • Internal based "Report Export" capability to CD or Email
  • RMS E-Citation and Idaho E-Accident Processing Interface with FATPOT Technologies
  • Seamless writing to the RMS database for incidents, accidents, names, arrests/citations and vehicles
  • Visual indicator in the database when created in the field
  • Criminal History Detail/Summary Reports Designed for Internal/External Release
  • Wide variety of statistical reports with built in User Defined filters built for non-technical users.