What is CAI Ballot System?

The CAI Ballot System offers a centrally managed and heavily audited solution to manage, track, and print ballots.  Ballots may be printed from virtually any authorized PC or laptop that has been configured to run in the polling places or at the central Election offices.


Store ballot data in a secured environment:  Ballot file data is stored directly in the database instead of the file system, minimizing the chances of an accidental deletion, moving, or modification of the ballot data.  Ballot PDF data is never modified after it has been imported into the application.


Granular application permissions:  Administrators of the application can create numerous combinations of permission profiles, making permission assignment granular yet simple.


Robust logging, reporting, and data export tools:  Actions performed in the application are logged as user management, ballot management, or print actions.  These actions can be filtered, reviewed, and exported using the Audit Log Viewer.  Supported export formats are Excel, PDF, and CSV file formats.


Transportable:  Standalone operation mode allows you to synchronize ballot and user data to a mobile workstation and continue printing ballots from anywhere. Actions are logged and uploaded to the server when the mobile workstation is synchronized back to the network.