ARTS’ fully integrated Jail Management module provides for complete and accurate jail administration. 

Secured functions allow easy administration and security of agency defined code files. Extensive on-line historical information is maintained for each jail booking, including: user-defined booking offenses with default bond amounts, personal property, commissary, independent jailer activity log (cell checks, meals, exercise, etc), inmate activities (visitation, meds, court dates, etc), comments/observations, scars, marks and tattoo capture, warrants cross check, user-defined medical questionnaire, and housing charges. Mug shots are built into the Jail Management module. Pictures are taken from a jail booking PC, using a digital camera. The mug shots are saved with the booking and automatically post a thumbnail picture in the main name file.

Customized admission and release paperwork is easily accessible
  • Relational Database, Connecting Names to Associated Records
  • Administratively Controlled Secured Functions to Restrict Levels of User Access
  • VINE Interface
  • JBI Criminal Alien Report Export
  • Various Inmate Phone Interfaces
  • Various Commissary Interfaces
  • AFIS Fingerprint (demographic) interfaces
  • CorEMR Interface (Medical Billing)
  • SSA Data Export
  • Web based Jail Roster w/Photo
  • Web Based Inmate/Hold Agency Inquiry
  • Digital Mug Shots
  • Unlimited Agency-Defined Booking Offenses
  • Inmate Account Tracking
  • In/Out Tracking
  • Inmate Activity Log and Scheduling Tool
  • Issue Inmate Clothing, Bedding and Other Standard Supplies
  • Inmate Personal Property Tracking
  • Unlimited Cautions, Comments, Observations
  • Active Warrant Indicator
  • Associated Name Relationships (AKAs and Enemy)
  • Agency-Defined Medical Questionnaire in Microsoft Word for Windows™
  • Physical Characteristics and Identification Numbers
  • Five Agency-Defined Holds
  • Agency-Defined Housing Location
  • Intuitive On-Line Search Across Jail-Related Tables
  • Independent Jailer Activity Log
  • Sentenced Inmate & Agency to Agency Billing
  • Upgrade from Presentenced to Sentenced with the Click of a Mouse
  • Easy Access to Inmate Records, Including Arrests, Incidents, and Other Jail Bookings
  • Extensive Jail Statistical Reports, including Population Statistics, Commissary, Housing, Transport Sheet and Booking Reports with Photo Image, as well as State/FBI Fingerprint Card Printing