CIVIL (Civil Process System)

CIVIL was designed with user friendliness in mind! The user has complete access to information about a paper with the touch of the mouse. Agency defined codes allow the user the flexibility to customize and tune the system to specific agency needs. The need to memorize codes is eliminated with promptable fields, which also allows for uniform data entry.

A separate CONTROL Menu stores Agency-Defined codes for bank accounts
The MAIN Menu provides access to Papers, Names, and Financial Transactions
  • User-Friendly, Windows-Based Interface, Point and Click Use
  • Agency-Defined Codes for Complete Customization
  • Complete Paper Activity Tracking
  • Extensive Search Capability
  • Auto-Disbursements and Auto-Billing
  • Financial Transaction Management
  • Seized property and sheriff sale tracking
  • Extensive Selection of Reports
  • Integrated with ARTS Central Name File
  • On-line Help
  • Relational Database – Names Connect to Associated Records